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About Us

Renowned Italian Heritage. Flavor That’s Still Trending Today.

Using a process refined over four generations of Italian coffee expertise, we offer exceptionally smooth, yet uniquely complex drip coffee blends and espressos. Born of authentic Italian heritage, Segafredo Coffees are preferred by discriminating professional baristas in more than 100 countries worldwide. From farm to cup, our family remains as meticulous as ever in crafting extraordinary coffee and espresso that deliver rich coffee flavor and aroma prized by today’s more sophisticated coffee connoisseurs.

The Segafredo brand was first introduced to the U.S.A. in espresso cafés and fashion-forward coffee shops, and that business continues to thrive. Now you can enjoy your favorite Segafredo coffees at home, as well as your favorite single-serve espresso.

Segafredo offers a premium coffee experience crafted through artisan-level attentiveness to every aspect of the coffee-making process. The result is truly

Coffee Crafted Like No Other®