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Segafredo Enzo - Dark Roast - Ground
    Segafredo Enzo - Dark Roast - Ground
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      Segafredo Enzo - Dark Roast - Ground

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    Our bold craft blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas is dark roasted to unveil a complex and fearless full body. Its flavor includes notes of nutty, smoky dark chocolates and caramel with a smooth bold finish.

    If bold flavor is your thing, consider our Extra Strong Espresso blend.


    Name: Enzo (En-zoh)

    Roast: Dark

    Character: Full Body, Bold Acidity

    Flavors: Nutty, Smoky, Dark Chocolate, Caramel

    Personality: Rich, Structured, Fearless, Darkly Honest, Full-throttle, Proud

    At Segafredo Zanetti, four generations of coffee experience fills every cup. The Massimo Zanetti family goes to great lengths carefully selecting, blending, and roasting our beans to draw out each one’s distinct characteristics. We invite you to savor the experience of one of our smooth and complex blends with your friends and family.

    Create your own #segafredomoment.

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